The Purpose of a VisionBoard

I am a checklist girl y’all! No, I really mean it. Each morning I get up, do my daily devotional, have my morning coffee, and create an old school pen and paper handwritten “to do” list. The list is written perfectly double spaced with squares beside each item that needs to be completed. After I write the to do list, I then add numbers to prioritize which activities have to be completed first, second, third etc. This is real life….. I never use any technological device or record my to do. I actually use pen and paper! LOL the funniest thing about this process is that I feel ACCOMPLISHED and I do mean extremely ACCOMPLISHED once I have completed a task and have marked that task off by placing a big and BOLD checkmark in the square. I’m telling ya when I complete my task list baby you would think I won a trophy or some kind of award! With that being said, you are going to find it interesting that I did not believe in vision boards. You would think with my LOVE for writing things down and then going back and checking them off as if I am Santa Claus or something would lead me to love vision boards; however, that was not the case!

My First Encounter

In 2015 I visited my Aunt Flora in Ohio right after the New Year. She had moved into a beautiful condominium in a quiet area. As she and her daughter were showing me around I noticed this extremely elaborate poster. It was filled with pictures and words. I thought, ” Well, that’s a neat art collage Andrea made.” As I began to investigate it more (the teacher in me) I noticed that it was not my little cousin’s art collage at all. This grandiose piece of work belonged to my Auntie. The collage consisted of a beautiful condominium, brand new car, and a degree. After speaking with her she told me that this was her vision for the new year. She wanted to start working on her degree, eventually buy a new car, and pay off her condominium making it her forever retirement home. At first I thought, “Well….that’ll never work,” but when I returned home I decided to give it a try! I investigated various ways to create a vision board. I googled images, searched up articles etc. After I completed my research, I came up with the concept that vision boards were supposed to be elaborate and flamboyant predictions to the future! Hence there went the infamous to do list again! I immediately began to scribble down thoughts and checklists of images, text, and phrases that I wanted to incorporate into my personal vision board. By the end of the week I had created a visionboard using images I found on MTV Cribs, the Lexus Store of Louisville website, and the school board emblem because I was going to rapidly advance up the ranks to become an adminstrator at the school board! And it was ALL going to happen in one year! This was what I wanted and needed. Now that I had all of this visualized it was going to happen…right? Of course that is not what happened! By the end of the year, I was still working multiple jobs, still teaching middle school kids, and honey things had gotten so bad I had to move into my friend’s rental property! What was wrong with that dang vision board? I put everything I wanted on it. I did the research….why was it broken? Why did it not work?!? Was it the vision board that was broken or was it me?

Vision Board Purpose

The purpose of a vision board is to basically display your “whys” in life. You see the vision board should not be unrealistic or have goals that are unattainable in them. This collage of images and words should evoke emotion within you and should detail every aspect of your life! Motivation should come from the goals that are set, values should be reinstilled within you, and the dreams that are documented on the vision board should provide you with consistent motivation.

Reasons to Create a Vision Board

My first vision board was not based on the factors of my life that would make me better; it was based on greed not need. I wanted a huge house, I wanted a new car, I wanted a promotion for doing nothing! I was so bitter about getting divorced, becoming a single mother, working multiple jobs, driving a car that was just “basic” in my perspective, and also remaining stagnant in my career that I could not see the bigger picture. I NEEDED to appreciate the things that were already put into place for me and build from where I was. So of course, after a year of running on the same hampster wheel…nothing had changed for me. I had to ask myself these questions:

  • What is my focus and purpose?
  • How attainable are my goals?
  • Where does my passion lie?
  • How can I be more effective and reach my goals?
  • What am I passionate about?
  • What are my aspirations?

After I did this reassessment, things started moving in the right direction for me! It really happened y’all! First of all, I had to let go of the divorce. It happened…it was done! I was going to be connected to this man for some time due to our children so I had to get over the bitterness of losing a home and “things” that did not matter. A home is just a building is what I later learned. My children were happy whether they were in a house that was 2500 square feet or 900 square feet. That was my personal hang up. I had to learn to co-parent…..this was not an easy task and it did take time….I mean, it took some time time. When it came to working supplemental jobs…..I realized that it was a blessing. While on my tutoring job I began to notice patterns and sequences that needed to be implemented in my career as a teacher. I began to use some of the various strategies of the learning center I worked for to help my kiddos in the classroom. That was a benefit for me and my students. Lastly, how was I supposed to move up in my career if all I did was come to work at 7:30 a.m. and speed race out of the parking lot on 2 wheels while cutting school buses off at 2:30 p.m.? For years I had refused to take on any extra duties, assignments, mentorship etc. My skillset was null and void because I was “comfortable” being the GET (good enough teacher.) Yes, that was truly the acronym I used for myself. I am ashamed to say that now. I knew I was a good teacher therefore, all I wanted to do was teach and leave. But, that left me immobile. I would apply for various positions but would not get the interview. Yes, I had multiple degrees and certifications but baby I was the GET. I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to progress! So, I had to reevaluate my goals changing them from “greed” to “need.” This is exactly what I did in 2019 and so many blessings began to flow when I made the changes!

How well do Vision Boards work?

If you work the vision board, it will work for you! You must allow yourself to self reflect and also be self aware. These two components will permit you to identify what’s most important to you, evaluate the effectiveness of goals in your life, and how to manifest your dreams! Visualizing your goals is a powerful tool that helps you set goals and shape your mindset to create your dream life. To truly manifest your dreams you must ensure that you are creating and visually viewing your vision board on a daily basis. Seeing a constant visual reminder of your goals is how your subconscious mind stays focused on your goals.

Purpose & Ideas for your Vision Board

The overall purpose of your visionboard is to set goals, track your progress, and remain motivated. Remember, you are setting realistic “needs.” Ideas for your vision board includes:

  • Career
  • Family
  • Spirituality
  • Health/Wellness
  • Relationship
  • Personal Development
  • Hobbies/Activities

The List of To Do’s for your Vision Board

You should have seen this coming at some point in this post…..every good project must have an even better list of to do’s! Yes, I actually did sit down and make an old fashioned checklist for you all. I hope the suggested list of to do’s will encourage you to sit down and create a 2022 vision board!

  • Create attainable and realistic goals.
  • Revisit your visionboard often.
  • Use your voice to state your goals and aspirations outloud daily!
  • Visualize yourself achieving the goals you have set.
  • Recognize that God is in control; he already knows your purpose and the path that you will take.
  • Believe in yourself!
  • Invite yourself to be the BEST you possible!

Reflecting on the experience I had in 2015 with my Aunt led me to realize that things will not happen overnight or even within a year. She used one specific word that I somehow missed which was eventually. Eventually I did get a new home, eventually I did get a new car, and eventually with putting effort in I was able to accept a position outside of the classroom that allows me to service kids in greater need! I also received the additional blessing of my husband whom I met in 2020. My “greed” overshadowed my “need” at that time. Now I am a believer in vision boards! If you can see it, you can believe it! Put your goals in order, keep God first, and create based on your needs!



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