Getting into the THICK of it!

Prescient….apocalyptic…..and unpredictable! I am using an incomplete sentence to start this blog; you see…..the last few years have simply felt incomplete! The last three years have been PRESCIENT. We have had COVID come in and take over our lives! Gun violence and mass shootings have been rampant and on the rise! Social media platforms haveContinue reading “Getting into the THICK of it!”

Overcoming Abandonment/Rejection

What is Abandonment/Rejection? Abandonment comes from experiences we have in our lives that cause us to believe that people we love will eventually reject or leave us. The abandonment/rejection itself can effect our emotional and physical well being. In response to the belief that we are not loved, feel isolated, unwanted etc, we are openingContinue reading “Overcoming Abandonment/Rejection”

Expressions: Give People Their Flowers Whilst They Can Still Smell Them

Have you ever questioned why people wait to show homage and gratitude to their loved ones once they are on their sickbed or have passed away? Think about it; it is during those times that familes pull together and share favorite memories or decide that it is important to spend time with their loved ones.Continue reading “Expressions: Give People Their Flowers Whilst They Can Still Smell Them”

What is the Purpose of a Spouse?

My Imperfect Moment In Time A few nights ago…I cried. I mean I REALLY cried! It was one of those wailing, mucus running, and saliva drooling type of releases! I succombed to the anxieties of my life; I yielded to the stressors I had been avoiding and just LET IT OUT! You see… was hardContinue reading “What is the Purpose of a Spouse?”

The Purpose of a VisionBoard

I am a checklist girl y’all! No, I really mean it. Each morning I get up, do my daily devotional, have my morning coffee, and create an old school pen and paper handwritten “to do” list. The list is written perfectly double spaced with squares beside each item that needs to be completed. After IContinue reading “The Purpose of a VisionBoard”

On the Mention of True Friends Dedicated to: Melissa Brown, Robin Winkfield, Kenya Blake, Shannon Walker, Felicia Ward, Tera West, Reylene Medina, Roberta Matlock, Kerisha Anderson Thank you for the impact you have had in my life. You are a blessing to me! This week I have been fortunate enough to travel from Kentucky toContinue reading

The Middle of the Road…..Perimenopause and Its Affect

The Middle of the Road…..Perimenopause & Its Affect As a young girl at the age of 11, I remember the night before Christmas vividly! Now before I even delve deep into this blog topic, I must warn you readers that the information that I am going to share within this anecdote is a little embarrassing.Continue reading “The Middle of the Road…..Perimenopause and Its Affect”

Facing Challenges……..Facing Change!

This week I wanted to discuss challenges and obstacles that we face as women. We are tasked with facing challenges and overcoming obstacles. Based on our daily day to day, it may seem hard to survive them. Personality wise, many women may avoid them, struggle with these obstacles, or collapse from exhaustion when dealing withContinue reading “Facing Challenges……..Facing Change!”